Babul (1986)

Bikram (Gyan Shivpuri), a criminal, runs away from the police and hides himself in a dilapidated building where he comes by a two-year-old pretty girl. She looks mortally afraid and runs to him for shelter. Reluctantly Bikram heaves her up in his arms to find himself gradually transformed from a criminal into a loving godfather to the pretty child. He changes himself from Bikram to Janak and lovingly calls the child, Nandini (Upasana).Janak dotes upon Nandini and brings her up by selling fruits. As the years roll by, Nandini grows into a young charming, college going girl and Janak, a prosperous fruit merchant owning a shop and a house. Nandini becomes the sole purpose of his existence. A rich man, Rameshwar, starts building a factory next to Janak’s shop. He offers Janak a fabulous price to sell out his place which falls within the intended area of the factory. Janak angrily turns down the offer and their relations are soured. A few days later, Janak becomes aware of Nandini’s love for Ashok (Aakash), who is Rameshwar’s nephew. This changes Janak’s attitude. He is ready to give away his shop free of charge. With his mind made up, Janak approaches Rameshwar to humbly offer the gift and implores him to accept Nandini as Ashok’s prospective wife. Rameshwar is enraged and angrily orders Janak out of his house. A shattered Janak returns home. Just then, the shady past overtakes Janak and he is arrested. The mystery of Nandini’s life is solved when Rameshwar and his wife find out that Nandini is their daughter whom they lost when she was barely a kid. As a token of his gratitude for Janak, who has brought Nandini up better than what they would have done. Rameshwar gets him bailed out and grants him the privilege and happiness of being the bride’s father. Rameshwar takes the marriage party to Janak’s house. Nandini and Ashok are married and as they leave there are tears of joy in Janak’s eyes.

  • Director
    : Govind Moonis
  • Casting
    : Gyan Shivpuri, Upasana, Aakash
  • Producer
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Music
    : Ravindra Jain
  • Lyrics
    : Ravindra Jain


Gyan Shivpuri, Upasana, Aakash


Govind Moonis


Tarachand Barjatya


Ravindra Jain


Ravindra Jain