Tumhaare Bina (1982)

After the divorce from Robin (Suresh Oberoi), Seema (Swaroop Sampat) took her son Boby (Master Ravi) and came to stay with her mother (Dina Pathak). She took a job in a bank to support herself.
Whenever Robin tried to meet his son, he encountered stiff opposition from Seema. That was why, the day Boby’s school was to close for summer holidays, and Robin went there early and took Boby away.
When Boby did not return home by evening, Seema was upset. She made inquiries and found that Robin had taken Boby with him. She lodged a complaint with the police alleging that Robin had kidnapped her son.
Robin took Boby to Hyderabad. On the way, several incidents took place which brought father and son very close. Just about when everything was going fine, Boby met with an accident.

Lying on his hospital bed in an unconscious state, Boby kept asking for his mother. Robin realised that the child needed his mother. Towards the end of the vacation, he brought him back to school and went away.
Boby recovered from his illness but never regained his old gay self. If he ever talked, he talked only of Robin and always in very high esteem. Often he insisted on going back to his father.
Unable to bear the child’s sadness, Seema was forced to bring Boby to Robin. The encounter between Robin and Seema helped to remove misunderstanding and ill-feelings between the two.
Boby now enjoyed the loved the love and affection of both father and mother.

  • Director
    : Satyen Bose
  • Casting
    : Suresh Oberoi, Swaroop Sampat, Master Ravi
  • Producer
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Music
    : Raam Laxman
  • Lyrics
    : Govind Moonis


Suresh Oberoi, Swaroop Sampat, Master Ravi


Satyen Bose


Tarachand Barjatya


Raam Laxman


Govind Moonis