Payal Ki Jhankar (1980)

Whenever Shyama (Komal Mahuvakar) danced with the rhythm of Gopal’s (Alankar) Nagara (Drums) during village festivals all used to praise her. But one day when she went to the nearby town with Gopal to witness the dance recital of famous Kathak dancer Veena (Surinder Kaur), Shyama wished to learn such classical dances, Gopal requested Veena to teach Shyama. But Veena refused to oblige and her Guru Dinanath pushed them out.
Gopal went to noted Guru Kishan Maharaj, who refused to listen to his request to accept Shyama as his disciple. As luck would have it, Kishan Maharaj’s daughter Seeta was kind enough to allow Shyama to do household chores.
When she got time from her household work, she would quietly go near the Nritalaya and keenly watch the Guru rehearsing with his disciples. What she saw, she practiced alone in the stillness of night.
One night Kishan Maharaj found her dancing with such a staunch devotion that he immediately accepted Shyama as his disciple. Guruji’s grand daughter Naini didn’t like this. Kishan Maharaj also decided to present Shyama in the All India Dance festival at Delhi much to her annoyance. Naini planned to oust Shyama. One evening she took her for boating in the river and pushed her down into her water. She too could not keep her balance and fell along with.
Shyama swam out safely but Naini was brought out in an unconscious state. After she regained consciousness she was repentant for her to folly and asked Shyama’s forgiveness. Veena, Kishan Maharaj’s former disciple and Shyama were the chief contenders in the Delhi Dance festival. Guru Dinanath was accompanying Veena. He was jealous of Kishan Maharaj’s name and his new brilliant disciple Shyama.
When the competition started Veena danced in such an impressive way that she was taken for granted as sure winner. But slowly Shyama came into her own and dazzled & outclassed Veena before a roaring audience and won the coveted honour and the trophy.

  • Director
    : Satyen Bose
  • Casting
    : Komal Mahuvakar, Alankar, Surinder Kaur
  • Producer
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Music
    : Rajkamal
  • Lyrics
    : Maya Govind


Komal Mahuvakar, Alankar, Surinder Kaur


Satyen Bose


Tarachand Barjatya




Maya Govind


  • Oscar Entry
    • Entry from India in the competition for the Best Foreign Language Film