Tulsi Vivah (1971)

This is the inspiring tale of Tulsi (Basil) which is planted in every porch and worshipped in every home and why every year on Kartik Sudi Ekadashi day Tulsi is being wedded to the Almighty Shaligram.
One day, Rajkumari Vrunda, who resides in a palace along with her parents, comes across Samrat Jalandhar, whom she marries later. They were enjoying a beautiful married life until a sage enlightens Samrat about a war between the Devas (Gods) and Danavs (Demons).
His father, Sagar (Ocean) further informs him that Bhagwan Vishnu cheated him in the disguise of a beautiful woman, Mohini and gave away the nectar to the Devas only after Sagar Manthan. This enraged Jalandhar and he declared war on the Devas. While Jalandhar managed to defeat Indra Dev, Bhagwan Vishnu and even Bhagwan Shiv successively. But his wife’s devotion for Vishnu led him to punish his lady, who in turn blinds herself in penance. When Vrunda regains her eyesight, she is astonished to face a changed Jalandhar. Suddenly one day, she is accused of infidelity by a severed head of her husband. She then realizes that, the person standing next to her is Bhagwan Vishnu disguised as Jalandhar while the real Jalandhar was defeated by Bhagwan Shiv. Angry Vrunda turns her wrath on Vishnu and rest of the Devas. Will anyone or anything be able to stop Vrunda?

  • Director
    : Chandrakant
  • Casting
    : Dara Singh, Jayshree Gadkar
  • Producer
    : Tulsi Films
  • Music
    : C. Ramachandran


Dara Singh, Jayshree Gadkar




Tulsi Films


C. Ramachandran