Tapasya (1976)

Indrani (Indu) Sinha (Rakhee) is the eldest child in the Sinha household, consisting of her elderly and ill father, Chandranath (A.K.Hangal); two younger sisters and a younger brother. She loves Dr. Sagar Varma (Parikshit Sahni), who looks after him ailing dad, and hopes to marry her soon. His mother approves of Indu, but would like her to leave everthing behind, and look after her son and the household, which is not acceptable to Indu. Misfortune visits the Sinha household and Chandranath passes away, leaving the entire responsiblity of the household on Indu’s shoulders. She decides to open a school for children, and her siblings help her. She refuses Sagar’s offer of living at his house. Sagar and Indu decide to marry after the children grow up and are well settled. Years pass by, the children have all grown up, her younger brother, Vinod (Asrani) is a graduate, and finds a job with an organization, the owner (Om Shivpuri) of which wants him to marry his only daughter, Pinky (Manju Bansal), and he must leave his family behind and live at Pinky’s house. Vinod’s decides to do so, and leaves Indu once again to shoulder the entire responsiblity of getting her two sisters married and looking after the household, he does not even invite them to his marriage. How long will life permit Indu and Sagar to wait? Will the younger sisters assist Indu or will they also turn up like Vinod?

  • Director
    : Anil Ganguly
  • Casting
    : Rakhee Gulzar, Parikshit Sahni
  • Producer
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Music
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Lyrics
    : M. G. Hashmat


Rakhee Gulzar, Parikshit Sahni


Anil Ganguly


Tarachand Barjatya


Tarachand Barjatya


M. G. Hashmat