Maan Abhiman (1980)

When Ajay (Rajkiran), an educated upright youth met Mallika (Rameshwari), an egoistic and proud girl, for the first time he was greeted by a barrage of insults and rudeness that left him quite stunned. Of hand he could think of no explanation for this shocking display of hatred on her part. Little did he know that behind her hatred was the story of her father who fell victim to his father’s wiles and lost everything to him including their ancestral home for which she was now up in arms against him and his family.
Ajay did not know the past. He was however confident that with love, tact and understanding he would win the tempestuous and proud girl’s heart. Moreover, he was drawn to her at the very first sight. But every sincere attempt on his part to win her was misinterpreted by Mallika as a devious conspiracy to oust her from her home.
Flabbergasted by Mallika’s attitude, he wanted to find the cause of her hatred, the secret of her past but his father, who could divulge the secret passed away suddenly.
Did Ajay succeed in his efforts to unravel the past and clear the misunderstanding? Did Mallika – a picture of pride and prejudice – step down from her rigid stand? Did Ajay and Mallika succeed in breaking the barriers of hatred that separated them? Maan Abhiman provides a most entertaining answer.

  • Director
    : Hiren Nag
  • Casting
    : Rajkiran, Rameshwari
  • Producer
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Music
    : Ravindra Jain
  • Lyrics
    : Ravindra Jain


Rajkiran, Rameshwari


Hiren Nag


Tarachand Barjatya


Ravindra Jain


Ravindra Jain