Sun Meri Laila (1983)

Vicky (Rajkiran), son of the wealthy Seth Amrish Rai, returns home after the completion of higher studies abroad. His parents have already chosen a suitable bride for him. The lucky girl is Nisha, but unfortunately for her, cupid is up to his usual pranks. Vicky sets eyes on a strikingly beautiful girl whilst on the way home from the airport and promptly loses his heart to her. The girl is Annie (Dipika), whose father David is employed by Amrish Rai at his factory. To celebrate Vicky’s return, Nisha hosts a party and unwittingly invites Annie. Vicky’s love at very first sight is soon being warmly reciprocated by Annie.
Vicky discovers that Annie’s father works at the factory and realizes the turmoil that could be created due to the two families being on separate rungs of the social ladder. Predictably, neither family looks upon the growing romance with any favour and the meetings between the young lovers become closely guarded and secret affairs.

Sensing that the chances of her entering a wealthy family as a bride are disappearing, Nisha becomes violently jealous and makes it her business to keep Amrish Rai aware of what is happening. All the efforts of both Amrish Rai and David fail to break up the love affair.As disturbing events mount up, Vicky and Annie decide that salvation lies in eloping, but matters have already taken an ugly turn and Nisha’s brother Ranjit is aided and abetted by a gang of hoodlums who whisk Annie away. In a desperate effort to rescue Annie, Vicky too falls into the hands of the criminals who demand a huge ramson before they will release the kidnapped couple.

In the face of this tremendous crisis, Amrish Rai and David individually set out to save their offspring from physical and emotional torture, and it is the crisis that serves to bring the two fathers closer to each other in their common hour of need. True love breaks down all barriers, evil plans are nipped in the bud, and the path is now cleared for Vicky and Annie to fall into each other’s arms.

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  • Director
    : Chander Bahl
  • Casting
    : Rajkiran, Dipika
  • Producer
    : Tarachand Barjatya
  • Music
    : Raam Laxman
  • Lyrics
    : Mahendra Dehlvi


Rajkiran, Dipika


Chander Bahl


Tarachand Barjatya


Raam Laxman


Mahendra Dehlvi